FCC adopts rules for Medcial Body Area Networks

The FCC adopted rules for Medical Body Area Networks (MBANs), with multiple body-worn sensors “MBAN” that monitor blood glucose, pressure monitoring, electrocardiogram readings, and even neonatal monitoring systems. The monitors can be used in the hospital setting, nursing facilities to identify life-threatening symptoms before they reach critical levels.

Under Part 95 of Medical Device “MedRadio” Service no application will be required to use body area networks

According to a study by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, a monitored hospital patient has a 48% chance of surviving a cardiac arrest—this number plummets as low as 6% without monitoring.

The challenge has been security. FCC chairman Julius Genachowski told a press conference at George Washington University Hospital (GWUH) in Washington, D.C that the move would “represent a multi-industry effort to foster innovation in the spectrum band by allowing distinct but compatible users to share these airwaves.”FCC will permit a wireless electromagnetic spectrum, the 2.36-2.40 gHz band to be used with interference from WiFi transmissions or other wireless consumer devices and , hopefully, significantly reduce the risk of  hacking. 


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